"helping you to grow your business by understanding and reaching your customers is my favourite thing"

Case Studies

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Claire approached me when she was in the early stages of preparing her business for sale. As Claire was still successfully running and operating the business (within the hospitality market) it was essential that this was done discreetly to avoid loosing business.

I worked closely with Claire to pull together the key credentials any prospects would need to know about her business and presented these in a clear and concise way, sharing it on various platforms for her to generate enquiries.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Jenny to support your business – both as part of implementing a plan for growth and at critical stages when you need extra support. I learned so much from our interactions and found her insight invaluable.”

Jenny expertly guided me through the sale of my events business. I had never sold a business before and she developed a strategy to utilise existing contacts and get the word out discreetly – everything from social media to specialist websites.

Jenny pulled together a high-end sales brochure that was invaluable when dealing with lots of initial enquiries. She helped to filter the enquiries while I continued to manage the business day to day, keeping me on track when I had lots of other distractions. Having a structured approach was incredibly successful and resulted in a lot of interest and ultimately, a sale!"